for medium businesses of 20-250 employees

Business Broadband

for medium businesses

from £95p/m

We understand that small businesses require affordable and reliable top-grade fibre connections to run their business efficiently. This is why we provide a range of super fast and highly dependable value-for-money fibre packages to help your business stay connected.

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Broadband Deal

For Medium-sized businesses – EoFTTC Business Broadband
Per Month

EoFTTC Fibre Broadband

*36-month contract, VAT applies

was £106.00

FREE set-up
Download Speeds up to 80Mb/s
Guaranteed Min 20Mb/s Speeds
Dedicated Bandwith
Low Latency
Free UK-based Support


Dedicated Fibre

For Medium-sized businesses who work with video, publishing, large files, and cloud backups.
Per Month

Dedicated Fibre Broadband

36-month contract, VAT applies

was £278.00

Speeds from 10 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s
100% Fibre Connection
Competitive Pricing Structure
Fully symmetrical service
Free UK-based Support

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Connection Guide

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Broadband Guide

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Why Choose Business Fibre Broadband from UK Internet Provider

Supersonic Speeds

Our fibre broadband and dedicated leased lines are lightning fast, some say supersonic! Whatever business line you choose, you can be sure it will support your business needs.

Easy-peasy Switching Team

We have a dedicated switching team to help your business seamlessly switch and start enjoying the savings and supersonic speeds at UK Internet Provider.

Business Level Support

We understand when your business needs support; this arrives fast and available at your fingertips. Our UK support team are specialists in business broadband and are around from *9-5pm Mon-Fri.

Easy on the Wallet

We have direct access to a wide range of business broadband suppliers, giving us the ability to pass on savings to our customers at unbelievable prices.

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Small Businesses

Fibre Broadband for organisations of around 19 employees.

Large Businesses

Fibre Broadband for large organisations of 250+ employees

Multi-site Connections

Connect multiple business sites with secure MPLS VPN connections.