To future-proof your business as well as ensuring real-time reliability, a leased line could be vital for your organisation. For businesses in cities such as Birmingham, a leased line not only delivers increased reliability but also makes it easier to connect with other offices across the region and beyond thanks to a direct connection.

What is a leased line?

A leased line is also known as a dedicated line. It connects two or more locations and is a circuit solely reserved for your business. It is always active and ensures a guaranteed bandwidth for your business traffic. They are commonly used to connect offices or business branches. Leased lines can also be used to providehigh-speed internet access.

Eliminating risks with leased lines

For businesses using a standard DSL connection, there are many risks your business could face. DSL connections are more vulnerable to interference from the weather as well as problems from people, transportation and even animals. Without a strong internet connection, you risk a drop in productivity for your staff. You may also risk lowering customer satisfaction with slow responses and access issues.

The benefits of a leased line in Birmingham

With a huge business market in Birmingham, a standard connection means an overload of companies using the same line which can be problematic and inefficient for your business. A leased line, on the other hand, ensures there is no competition, and you have access to equal speed and reliability at all time.

Leased lines also give the benefit of allowing you to set up remote working and other branches across the country. This allows for seamless expansion and ensures different places can all work on the same wavelength, meaning equal speeds and the fast transfer of data. Therefore, a leased line increases the interconnectivity between branches which bridges and gaps and ensures one cohesive business unit, despite multiple locations.